Alumni Corner: Anthony Walsh

Alumni Corner: Anthony Walsh
Anthony Walsh portrait photo.

Stats: Bachelor of Arts from University of North Dakota • Juris Doctorate from Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Fun Facts: As a graduate of Katherine Curren Elementary School (a former Hopkins elementary school), Anthony Walsh experienced a full-circle moment when he went back to read to his former teacher’s students. Walsh is the author of the children’s book "Hockey Is for Everybody". Walsh’s former teachers, Paul Spreitzer and Lori Palesch asked him to visit a Glen Lake classroom and read to their students.

Q: What Hopkins teacher made a difference?
Marsha Baisch would always start the day with morning announcements. At the end, she would say, “make it a great day, or not.” One day it changed to “make it a great day.” Dr. Baisch changed the phrase because no matter what the circumstances were, we were always in control of how we viewed our day. Choose to have a great day.

Q: How did Hopkins prepare you for the future?
My teachers gave me the confidence to be myself, and encouraged me to stand out in a world where everybody else tries to fit in.