Outdoor Immersion

Gatewood's outdoor classrooms and greenhouse lab space will spark your child's curiosity, exploration, and excitement to learn.

Open your child up to the world!

An environmental focus school, Gatewood Elementary provides a holistic approach to learning, leveraging its beautiful grounds and outdoor classrooms, onsite naturalist,  wellness programs, and a state-of-the-art greenhouse. We are a welcoming student-centered school community where building a strong relationship with your child is our priority.

Gatewood Elementary scholars will develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, build connections to the natural world, develop curiosity, and increase school engagement with an authentic environmental focus.

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"Our daughter really loves going to school every day, and comes home exhausted in the best possible way!" — Gatewood Parent

At Gatewood, we are an inclusive community that values diversity and each student’s unique story. We use inquiry and environmental education to advocate for social change and care for our world.

Outdoor Kindergarten Program Expands to First Grade and Beyond

At Gatewood, we offer an outdoor learning program for our kindergarten scholars. Starting in 2022-23, the program will be expanded to first grade and the following year, outdoor immersion will expand to the entire school. 

Your child will spend much of their day in our outdoor classrooms engaged in play-based learning. Our program develops scholars' intellectual, social-emotional, and physical abilities and encourages their confidence, creativity, and curiosity.

Improved Learning Outcomes

According to research, an outdoor learning environment has a positive effect on the brain and can lead to better learning outcomes.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Increased engagement and focus
  • Enhanced curiosity and discovery
  • Connects children to the outdoors
  • Encourages exploration and inquiry
  • Develops resilience and confidence
  • Increased knowledge of the natural world and environment.

"Having our child be able to explore the natural world outside with inquiry led teaching is magical. " - Gatewood Parent

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